Corporate Event Do’s

Planning a Corporate Event?

Right Around the Corner?

As you begin to finalize the menu or planning a fancy gala event, you may begin to question if you are living up to the corporate event etiquette. From the arrangements to the quality of the food.

Here you will find a quick list of a couple of dos that will help you focus on the details so that your big party does not go distorted. When planning for a corporate event, take care of the following factors:

DO Identify Purpose and Objective of the Event

As soon as you realize you need to put together a corporate event, the first you need to do is consider the occasion and intent for which you need to arrange the party. If you are to approach an event planner, this is the first thing to explain to them. It allows them to create a clear idea of what, when, and how to do.

For example, if your event is considered to be client-centric then it will directly impact the reputation and business of your enterprise. An incredible jamboree at a luxurious venue often proves helpful for the hosts to build strong business relationships and clientele portfolio. 

DO Start Planning as Early as Possible

Whether you are product launching at this event, setting up a conference or a summer retreat for hardworking employees, there are a lot of things needed in order to begin the planning process. You may not want to be left feeling like you are in utter jeopardy so avoid organizing things at the last moment at all costs.

Some of this planning and organizing may include venue bookings, selecting the perfect catering company, serve menu at the event, finalizing the hall decors, and hiring the event performers. When you begin to run short on time, there are so many things that can go overlooked. Therefore, you will also be needing time in the process of booking confirmations, receiving responses from the event management companies and so on. 

DO Create a List

You may think you can remember everything but that is impossible. You are more likely to forget and miss out on essential details. Instead, try to start writing everything out in a notebook designated for this event. Begin by preparing a list of requisites and tasks. Once you complete a task remember to always mark it as complete. This way, you know what is done and what is still left to be done. Remember to prepare a list of invitees so that you know the exact accommodation capacity. 

DO Make a Budget Sheet

No matter the size of your business, whether you’re a multimillion dollar company or a small business just starting out, everyone operates on a budget. There are possibilities to do things nicely in all budget sizes. Once you have determined the net amount to spend for the entire event, you can breakdown the amount to spend for the entire event, you can breakdown the amount to meet specific costs. You need a budget sheet to keep track of all the details.

It would be a wise idea to keep some funds aside just in case. You can maybe use it later to plan some add-ons such as renting a mobile bar, or arrange some giveaways, etc.

DO Choose a Venue that can Meet All Your Needs

The venue needs to be perfectly suited for the type of event you would like to put together. It must do complete justice to the event on all fronts. Every business event has a mission, so does yours. When choosing the corporate event venue, there are so many aspects to consider:

Amenities and Services: When booking a ceremonial hall checkout for the following:

  • Ask if any catering services will be provided
  • Is there a kitchen available for the catering team to prepare the cuisine? If not, do they have a food partner to accomplish the catering job?
  • Are seating arrangements, linens, and other items available for offer?
  • Will there be a technological setup and audio visual  equipment available?
  • Do they provide setup and cleaning services?
  • Availability of parking services?

If the amenities described above are not available at the venue of your choosing, you may need to hire a corporate event management company to take care of these services and maybe even more.

Location: The geographical location and transportation facilities to the event hall are decisive factors to take notes of when choosing your venue. Determine the distance range of the location from the residences of the majority of the invitees. It is preferable to select the one located at a minimal distance for easy conveyance accessibility.

DO Pay Attention to Your Audio Visual Equipment Set-Up

If your venue authorities or the event management is arranging your conference room and tech equipment, it is vital to still check everything well in advance so that there are no last moment disruptions. No one wants to be giving a speech with a microphone that is glitchy and screeching. 

Parting Words

Planning the perfect corporate event is all really all about bestowing the wow factor to everything you do to welcome and treat your guests. Mistakes will always occur but with the wow factor, no one will even notice a thing. We can also always use mistakes as a way to learn from them and create a better experience at the next corporate event. Follow these dos to create exuberant ambiance, keep the attendees comfortable and entertained, and make your event successful.

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