Alright, so we all know the 2020 wedding season didn’t go as planned but we can still make the best out of the last 3 months. Okay, now we all know what makes our body feel good… Its cake! Well here is a list of the top 10 wedding cake trends for 2020. 

Bright & Bold

 Couples have been stretching the limits with regard to conventional wedding patterns. This incorporates their cake. Never again are they choosing the basic cake in pastel or white shades. Rather, they are going to wedding cakes that are bright and bold.

They are requesting that their occasion organizers find imaginative approaches to get this vivid and emotional completion. Indeed, even stripped cakes have an announcement bit of splendid blossoms or organic products.

A portion of the other cake drifts in this rundown likewise joins this bright and bold.


What can be bolder and more emotional than a cutting edge cake? These cakes are out of this world unconventional. They are more trial and out of the container. At times, the beautifications utilized are not even palatable.

Anything goes in an avant-garde cake. They are really cutting-edge, just as a cake should be because how else would you get a slice? 


Flowerfetti cakes are more in accordance with what you would believe is a custom wedding cake. In any case, once more, your customers will need to adopt a bolder strategy to the utilization of blossoms on their wedding cake.

Enter, flowerfetti cakes. Truly, these cakes are adorned with new, edible blossoms dispersed like confetti. Yet, they are not as arbitrary as confetti. They are all the more deliberately positioned to give the confetti impact.

Remember that not all flowers should be eaten. Thus, use petals of flowers, for example, roses, marigolds, begonias, daisies, violas, and sweet violets. 

Hand Painted

What might resemble a yummy treat to you may resemble a clear canvas to cake craftsmen. Perhaps the most recent pattern in the wedding cake field is hand-painted cakes. On the off chance that your customer is more on the creative side, you can recommend this pattern to them.

The extraordinary thing about hand-painted cakes is that you can put any image or retail you need. It can go with any wedding topic. 


This inventive pattern takes things up a score. Geode cakes will be cakes that represent staggering rocks fixed with gems. They are motivated by genuine geodes, which are empty rocks loaded up with sparkling gems and minerals. The cakes, nonetheless, are totally palatable.

Pastry specialists use rock candy to speak to the precious stones. The outcome is completely clear these sorts of cakes are an unquestionable requirement for your more current customers.


In the event that your customer might want their cake to appear as though it is unified with nature, at that point they ought to consider a plant themed cake.

These cakes are enhanced with earthier things like greeneries and other greenery. It can work on the off chance that you are going for a spectacular look or a more laid-back one. You will be astonished by how adaptable greenery can be.

Geometric And Mosaic 

Be that as it may, maybe your customers are more propelled by engineering and realistic structures. At that point, they may favor a mathematical or mosaic wedding cake. These cakes don’t adhere to the typical round cake shape. They fuse mathematical examples like squares, triangles, and even hexagons!

This adds a more intriguing viewpoint to the wedding cake. The outcome is very attractive and lovely.

Calligraphy/Chalkboard Wedding Cakes

A portion of your customers may need a more customized cake. They have the alternative of having a calligraphy or blackboard one. These cakes incorporate sentimental messages, extraordinary statements, or expressions. Words that have extraordinary importance to the couple. They are contacting and wondering about cakes.



While a few customers are worried about what is on their cake, there are numerous another wellbeing cognizant and earth cognizant customers who care about what is IN their cake.

The vegetarian way of life has gotten substantially more conspicuous lately. Consequently, it is just characteristic that it would be a solicitation at weddings today. Your customers may likewise be thinking about the dietary needs of their visitors. 

It was once hard to get a wedding cake made with no eggs, milk, spread, or cream. Be that as it may, bread kitchens are currently discovering approaches to make delightful and lovely veggie-lover wedding cakes. 


However, perhaps the cake isn’t your customer’s thing. At that point, they shouldn’t get one only for the good of tradition. This is their huge day so it should be one that reflects them without limit. 

Individuals have gotten very inventive with their other options. They decide on doughnuts, pies, macaroons, cupcakes, cake pops, organic products. They even use hotcakes or genuine cheddar! You need to hand it to people, we can truly get inventive when we need to be. 

So what do you think? These are the top 10 wedding cake trends for 2020. Hope you the best for your wedding! 


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