Breathtaking Tent Ideas for Outdoor Events

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Bring the indoor decor to the outdoors with a tent celebration for weddings, birthdays, graduations and so on. More than ever, events are taking place outside and there are so many innovative ways to create a breathtaking design. You can craft an inviting entry way to fit for a grand entrance, create softness with cascading drapery, bring the fresh atmosphere to your tent with live plants and trees. All while adding whimsical decor, creative lighting and custom flooring which will help distinguish your event from the rest.

Orbit Event Rentals Tents


Imagine a beautiful floral display with multiple branches filled with flowers hanging horizontally above your head table in a unique style. Visualize colorful draping all along the negative space of your tent creating a luxurious yet intimate environment. The draping pointing towards the head table to draw attention to the floral arrangements.

Orbit Event Rentals Tents


Can you imagine an open space canopy with large windows on top and on the sides? The sun permeating through allowing the sunlight to give you ample lighting. The canopy equipped with cooling to make sure your guests are comfortable  Beautiful chandeliers hanging down from the middle. A canopy means limitless possibilities. It’s a structure that you create from scratch. We urge you to Say Yes to a Canopy!

Orbit Event Rentals Tents


To avoid additional rentals for chandeliers you can integrate soft draping. You can embed your drapery with bistro lighting to achieve that soft romantic light that keeps everyone in awe. Draping helps create an aesthetic that gives a soft touch to your event. People will really believe that you have created an event fit for the movies.

Orbit Event Rentals Tents


Having an outdoor event means that you are not completely sure on the surface of where your tent will be placed. The foundation of where your tent is placed is really important. You’re going to have a lot of guests and you want them to be able to move around comfortably. create a ground that can be unpredictable so we recommend creating a solid surface that you can rely on for your tents foundation. A solid surface is always a good idea to create a comfortable ground for guests to walk and dance on. This will avoid heels from sinking and injuries.

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When planning an outdoor event always be alert for the weather. Although the weather app isn’t always 100% accurate you should be prepared for worse case scenarios. If you are planning an event in the summer, expect sun, heat and humidity so maybe pick a canopy with open sides that will allow a scenic view of the property. In other cases if you are planning to have an event in the winter depending in where you are located, expect snow or rain so pick a tent with enough shelter to keep out the light snow/rain and if you want to have a scenic view still maybe pick a tent with a clear top.

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Twinkly lights adds a dash of romanticism and makes for a soft ambiance. Having twinkly lights overhead can give the impression of dancing under the stars when guests decide to get up on the dance floor.

Orbit Event Rentals Tents


What better way to tie in aspects of the outdoors than to have a clear top tent. Having a clear top can give you the opportunity to showcase a beautiful sky on a sunny day, beautiful tall trees up above, or a drizzle of snow on a winter day.

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When people think of planning an outdoor tent event, they believe there are no accommodations for flooring, power, air conditioning/heating units, lighting, generators and portable bathrooms. Therefore, they stray away from the idea of having an outdoor event. However, that cannot be further from the truth. Many event rental companies provide the opportunity to rent all of these accommodations. Make sure to speak with your party planner or vendors and discuss the possibilities of all these mechanics.

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