Top 2021 Wedding Trends

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From aesthetic trends, color palettes, and floral inspiration to everything else that comes with planning your wedding. Orbit Event Rentals wants to share the wedding trends of 2021 with you. As all of us have experienced, this past year has not been easy for events, especially for those who are trying to tie the knot. Many events have been postponed, and even the new postponed dates have been postponed. 2021 has finally given us that glimpse of things coming back to normal. This year has finally given us a look at what weddings should look like. This is the wedding trends that we are seeing make a come back. Check these out.
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Outdoor weddings became popular during the pandemic and they are here to stay. The outdoor wedding scene sets a different mood and allows for calm lighting. Couples all over the world are using this new trend to create a soft ambiance for their guests. The tents allow for better airflow and create a romantic tone for the night. This new way of inviting guests to your big day allows for health safety and eases the anxiety of those who need that. The outdoor trend has made itself to the wedding scene and it has taken it’s place in the industry. Ask your event planner for options on this new trend. They should be able to help you with elegant tented options (link), lighting technicians who can create the ambiance you’d like, and with picking the perfect decor for your big day. 

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We’ve got charcuterie boards, mason jars, and picnic baskets showing up all over the place in 2021 weddings. Couples are finding safe and thoughtful ways to celebrate their union with innovative cocktail hour themes. These smaller plates are on the rise for wedding trends. It helps create the perfect buffet setting without the need for long lines. Would you like to add it to your wedding day? Say no more, all you need to do is choose a theme and for the most part, your event planner should already be connected with someone who specializes in these. 


It used to be bridesmaids who would wear mix and match dresses. You would walk into a wedding and immediately be able to point out who they were. The new trend though, is to apply the same color and pattern style, but do it with the chairs. Long chairs that can fit three guests, single chairs, vintage seats that vary from color to color, they can all be used for your ceremony or reception seating. This trend can also be extended to tables. Tables that only fit 4 people, tables that fit 6 people, you can use them all! These are great for wedding photo books that you can look at after and enjoy your creativity.

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An Elegant sofa, some pillows, throw blankets, all of these outside on the grass. Put these all together and you got yourself a beautiful background for your wedding photos. Incorporate some greenery and other natural elements into the design to enhance the look you are going for. Imagine how pleased your guests would be after staying inside for so long. This is the perfect statement to your guests that you care about their comfort. This trend creates the perfect scenery to feel relaxed and enjoy the wedding.


Tech is everything. You can transform any room now with project mapping. You can light up your walls. You can set a spot light on your sweet heart table. You can even have a video on your cake. Lets take it a bit farther, if you really wanted to, you can have a VR wedding. That’s right, virtual reality to invited all of your friends and family members to join in without having to be there. Talk to your event planner about the different things that you can do with technology. They can even show you what your event would look like before the day.

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Cakes will always be a thing at weddings. Cake makers are definitely getting innovative with how they make these cakes. One thing that’s becoming super trendy is the small wedding cake. They are making smaller cakes because not everyone eats a slice of cake or they get thrown away. Cakes are now more about the creative detail than the fact that it might be distributed among guests. This whole new concept for wedding cakes gives couples the opportunity to spend more time on creating a cake that they will treasure forever. It can also give other couples the chance to have fun with their cake. Don’t be afraid to take this trend to the next level and just do what you want with your cake.

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Out with the old and in with the new! In 2021, color is everything. Couples are infusing fresh, nature-driven hues and unexpected palettes into their wedding decor. Color is the new white. The boundaries are definitely being pushed with this drive to show more contrast at weddings. Couples are pursuing a direction of fun, bright, and happy; they’re incorporating all sorts of colors in their wedding.

 If you decide to do this for your wedding, make sure to have the correct amount of contrast and not overwhelm your guests with too many patterns. We always recommend hiring the right event planner when you want to push the norm.


Fresh air feels like freedom! It’s an opportunity to bond with family and friends. Your wedding can have seating on the outside patio, or you can even have games to play with your guests. These are becoming increasingly popular. Some very cool ideas that are currently trending are making S’mores under the stars, doing your ceremony outside, games like Jenga or Toss the Bean Bag, and so many more. Couples are also opting for unique venues that hold less people. This makes for a more intimate event. It also helps out the photographer by enabling beautiful pictures.

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