What Your Happiness Means to Us….

Orbit Event Rentals

Your event is in our hands the minute you decide to book with us. It’s such a privilege for us to be able to be a part of so many once in a life time events. We are honored every single time. We’ve been in business for over 40 years and the feeling of joy we get at every event remains the same. From the initial contact, to the moment of creation, we love being there every step of the way. Our team of strategists take their job very seriously, and we want to share the main values that we implement in our company. These values have helped us create unforgettable experiences.

Orbit Event Rentals


You are about to commence planning for one of the biggest events of your life and we know that. Your event is just as important to us as it is to you so we will take care of everything by handling every last detail with a meticulous design. From the event decor, to the tables and chairs, to the last napkin, we will be there to make sure it is placed the way you envisioned it. This attention to detail is part of what has made us so successful.

Orbit Event Rentals


Planning an entire event can be overwhelming, but having good communication during the progress of the event creates successful results. The team at Orbit Event Rentals has communication at the forefront of every event they work on. We make sure to stay in contact with you no matter where you are. We believe that good communication is the key to all successful events because it gives us the opportunity to work together as a team in order to make your event happen.

Orbit Event Rentals


People trust Orbit Event Rentals because we deliver every single time. Our pricing might be a little higher than the competition, but our customer service matches the same level. This is why families all over Southern California continue to trust us time and time again. Our delivery is strong with happy customers and even stronger when we have customers that are upset. We are not afraid to show customers that we do make mistakes, but that we are very dedicated in fixing them when they do happen. Our reputation of being a great company means that we have to be a great company with every single customer interaction.

Orbit Event Rentals


Event rentals is a business that has joy and happiness at its core. Almost every event means that a lot of people are going to get together to share some type of joy and create lasting moments. We are very aware of this fact, and we want every single one of our customers to know that we share that joy with them. This is why one of our main strategies is to ensure that each rental process is booked with a smile. We want every customer to have a smile on their face after dealing with one of our team members. This is very important to us because we know that keeping happiness alive in every interaction means that we have gained the trust of that customer for life.

We live by these values, and wanted to share them with our customers and anyone who is interested in working with us. They are very important to us and they have led to our success as a company. We know that following these principles will enable us to have a company that helps people for many years to come.

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