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Is It Time?

So you’re getting ready to pop the question. Allow us to help you get started! We realize we aren’t exactly a ring shop nor will we be the ones saying “I do” but as a party rental company who will help you plan the perfect wedding, we’d also love to help you plan the start of it.

At Orbit Event Rentals, we know a thing or two about weddings and proposals. It takes much more than just purchasing a diamond ring and asking the following words, “Will You Marry Me?” We believe that planning ahead can save your future self a ton of time and confusion. There can be a lot of guesswork when it comes to deciding what to focus on. We’re going to share some important marriage proposal information to help you hone in on your next move. We have gathered the most up to date wedding market research so you can use our insight to prep.

Christmas Proposal

Popular Proposal Dates

It’s time to propose but when is the perfect time you may ask. Many of you have heard of engagement season but when exactly is engagement season. According our findings, couples are getting engaged most often right before or right on important holidays such as Christmas, New Year’s Day, and Thanksgiving. We get it. It’s the perfect timing for everyone to be gathered together with their families, so popping the question becomes that much heartfelt. Here are some of the most popular dates from this past year:

  • December 25
  • December 24
  • January 1
  • December 18
  • February 14

It is no coincidence that December is on this list three separate times. Out of the 38% of couples who get engaged during Engagement season, 20% of them happen during this month.

It Takes More Than Just a Ring

Customization and personalization of wedding day details have been steadily increasing over the years, and now that is beginning to include proposals too. Nearly 1 in 4 proposers today say that they feel pressured into planning something unique and following through with it. About 1 in 3 engagements occur on a planned trip and 1 in 5 proposers are enlisting the help of professional vendors to plan or photograph it (this has gone up by 8% since 2019). In addition, 90% of couples publicly share the details of their engagement on social media, with 78% making the announcement on Instagram and 77% doing so on Facebook.


Engagement Ring

About the Ring

Getting proposed to is not always so much a surprise now days. Now, 3 out of 4 people who are being proposed to have some sort of involvement in selecting or purchasing the engagement ring (a 10% increase since 2015). 80% of those who have proposed admit to dropping subtle hints to their partners about what kind of ring they would like- 1 in 5 actually visited a ring retailer on their own to look.

As far as aesthetics go, the changes have only occurred slowly. Diamonds are still mostly recognized as a girls best friend for being the most popular option for a center place. Moissanite is growing in popularity especially with Gen Z. Yellow gold is also trending upward, with more and more couples choosing it over white gold since 2017.

Increasing Ring Budgets

As the number of proposals continue to increase so do the budgets for wedding rings. An important aspect to consider within wedding industry statistics is spending habits and that big rock is what kicks off the spending pattern. Couples have spent on an average of $6,000 on an engagement ring which has surprisingly continued to be consistent with a pre-pandemic spend of $5,900 in 2019. Roughly 2 out of 3 couples were able to set and stick to their budget but nearly 30% ended up spending more than they had anticipated. 

Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning, READY!

Now let’s get to the most important and exciting part of this entire celebration. Couples are ready more ready now than ever to hit the ground running and fast! In fact, 89% of them talk about at least one aspect of their wedding and 68% actually start something before even getting engaged. Another important aspect of wedding proposals that we think you should know is; roughly 85% of couples start wedding planning in less than 2 months of getting engaged and 60% within a month of getting engaged.

Additionally, 75% of couples will turn to websites like The Knot and WeddingWire to start looking for vendors during their, on average 14-month engagement. And for your Wedding Rental Needs? Orbit Event Rentals is always here to help with that. Make sure to keep up with our social media and website to start planning ahead.

It Is Time. 

An engagement is always an unforgettable experience not only for yourself but also for your partner, family, and friends. Today, people go far beyond getting on one knee and sharing a few heartfelt words and it makes perfect sense! Getting engaged is a huge decision so it’s no surprise that there’s a definite change in your relationship once you agree to tie the knot. You’ll feel a difference in your relationship but also within yourself and the rest of the world. The best part about most changes is that they are most often always positive ones, the ones that will make you feel more intimate and connected. As for the other changes, like your Aunt’s sudden urge to tell you when you should be married and ask you an invasive question, well, you can just ignore those. An engagement may be a big change, but it’s still all about you and your partner.

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