Everything You Need to Know About Fall Weddings

It’s the cooler temperature, cozy fits, and pumpkin spice everything nice that are giving. If we are speaking your love language, a fall wedding may be the perfect fit for you!

However, in order for you to make the right decision, we want you to take some aspects into consideration. That is why we have created the perfect guide to discover what’s in season, and whether this is the season for your wedding.

The 411 on Autumn Weather

Autumn can mean completely different things on different hemispheres of the globe. Depending on where you live, you may experience warmer than average weather. For example; in the U.S. average autumn temperatures range from 72 degrees in sunny Florida to a chilly 27 degrees in Alaska. 

Now when is the perfect autumn time to plan this beautiful autumn wedding? 

If you are located in the Arizona area we would recommend an ideal outdoor fall wedding in October. Not too hot and not too cold. 

In an area like Massachusetts, the quintessential fall fete with chillier temps and changing leaves will appear during the time of October. 

While summer months in San Francisco are a bit foggy, autumn clears up the skies and you will be able to enjoy an Indian Summer Wedding November.

Therefore, we hope this allows you to reflect on the kind of weather that will be present in whichever part of the country you will be hosting your wedding in. This will give you and your guests a good idea of what kind of attire will be worn the day of. Especially is your autumn event will be held outdoors, have a contingency plan in place just in case.

Fall Holidays

When family and friends think of your autumn wedding it will automatically bring up a cozy and warm feeling because of the love you and your soon to be husband/wife share and also because of the joyous holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas that surround your wedding date. 

Deciding to have your wedding during a holiday weekend is entirely up to you and your soon to be however, we believe it is best to steer clear of major holidays such as Thanksgiving. A fun idea could be on a weekend like Veteran’s Day, that way your guests can enjoy the day off, the following Monday from your wedding date. 

Keep in mind that the Fall is also widely known for being the start of football season, and football games are known to be on television on Sunday’s whereas college football games take place on Saturdays. If you or your family/friends are diehard fans, maybe try incorporating some football on your wedding day. Get creative with some team logos on your wedding desserts or naming signature cocktails after them as a way to represent your team spirit.

Fall Wedding Pros & Cons

Great advantages of getting married in the fall include: 

  • gorgeous foliage 
  • Possible off-season discounts to take advantage of 
  • Typically temperate weather
  • Lots of seasonally-inspired decor 

A bonus pro for hosting a fall wedding is also having an easier time for you to book your venue on a specific date or get your first choice of vendors since peak wedding season tends to August and the end of Spring.

However, as there are many advantages there also comes some disadvantages to be aware of: 

  • Autumn weather is not always the most reliable for it can be very cold, rainy or even snowy on the East Coast! 
  • Fall holidays can cause potential date conflicts or cause family members and friends to potentially not attend your wedding.
  • Daylight Savings Time ends, which means some states will experience a really early sunset (that could affect the timing of your wedding ceremony and PHOTOS!) 

Be sure to discuss with your photographer about the earlier sunset’s infamous “golden hour”. This is prime time to take outdoor wedding photos, and its worth planning your ceremony around.

We hope that the tips provided for you above are exactly what you needed to get excited about planning your Fall Wedding 2022/2023! If you or anyone you know is planning a Fall Wedding and have any questions, Orbit Event Rentals is here to answer them! 

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